Tokens accumulation inside of NFTs
Reward tokens will keep accumulating inside of Loci NFTs. The balance can be withdrawn in full by burning (i.e. destroying) this NFT. Since holders will be able to sell such token generating NFTs (with a current balance on them) for a higher value on a marketplace - it will be very rare for holders to destroy their own yield generating NFTs. Such unique mechanics ensure the steady increase of value for both: our mining NFTs and the rewards token.
NFT assembling
Players mine reward tokens in the game if they have (owned or rented) Land, the Palace is located on it, a Room is installed in the Palace, and a Loci is installed in the Room. It is on the Loci Objects that the reward tokens are accumulated.
Virtual Mining Farms
Players can build their own Memory Palaces from NFT objects. The rewards token is mined and accumulated on the objects inside of palaces. The more palaces and objects players have, the more tokens they can mine.
Reward tokens
Active in-game object NFTs mine $MEMO-P tokens each day. The amount is calculated taking into account: rarity of activated Loci, Rooms, and Palaces; theme uniformity; palace mode; the total number of activated Loci inside of virtual Palace; owned or rented lands on adjacent hexes and total size of player’s empire.


Open world game
The Memoverse universe is not limited to the creation of Memory Palaces. Players can attack other player's Palaces and defend their own Palaces from attack, join clans and explore the endless secrets of this universe.
Attack and Defend modes
Memoverse has an asynchronous PvP mode, divided into two parts: Attack Mode & Defense Mode

Attack Mode - the Player must remember the location of all the Loci in the opponent's Palace, place them in the proper spot, and recreate the Palace in order to loot a portion of mining tokens or even steal a trophy NFT from the main hall

Defense Mode - the Player can switch any palace to this mode to increase the mining rate but must be ready to defend their Palace by rearranging Rooms, Loci, and by setting up Traps that will likely make Attacker’s fail while paying the price

Sides - Players can choose one side of the confrontation - Light or Dark. Players who have chosen one of the sides get the opportunity to develop their Side by uniting in Clans or independently making their way to the top

Educational palaces

Memoverse game platform utilizes the power of Virtual Memory Palaces to expand the boundaries and possibilities of human memory. Starting with the basics, such as enabling people to memorize seed phrases and passwords, and expanding to the study of foreign languages, specific areas of science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), and a vast number of knowledge areas.

Educational Memory Palaces are gamified learning experiences that utilize the power of Memory Palace technique to transfer useful knowledge into player’s long-term memory.
Educational Palaces:

• 12 Words Seed Phrase Palace;
• Vocabulary and Phrases (ENG, Spanish, French);
• Trivia; Personal facts; Keep tracking of the years;
• Birth dates; Anatomy; Long Speeches; Art;
• Historical timeline (centuries of different regions);
• Advanced Study techniques;
• Countries and capitals;
Available features:

• Educational Lands
• 10+ Educational Palaces
• Knowledge Battles
• Daily & Weekly Challenges
• Personal and Clan Leaderboards